Response to those of you who “THINK” any kind of metal and/or rock “sucks”

Okay first off let me explain the title. I put thinks in all caps and quotation marks because your opinion doesn’t make it a scientific fact. I also put sucks in quotes to show you your second mistake. It makes you sound like a teenager failing English.

Now onto the reasons I decided to write this blog. I have seen many videos and blogs on this subject. Some out of religion, and some out of opinion. I am here to debunk your theories and speak the honest truth. Just because you don’t like a genre doesn’t mean its bad. It means you don’t like it. Your opinion is irrelevant. I’m tired of seeing people try to act “cool” and put up these things. Its offensive to most metal heads. Including me. Trying to use religion as a way to get people to stop listening to it is quite douche bag like of you.

Now lets start with some education involving history. Metal comes from rock. Rock comes from jazz and blues. If metal is really talentless then so is rock, jazz, and blues. So all metal has a root. Who knew? Oh. Me. That’s who. Next education on the subgenres of metal. There are hundreds of sub genres. I will not list them all but I will say this. Death metal is only one of them. Hair metal from the eighties are the ones that dress in tights. Alright now we got that covered. Onto the next subject. The vocals.

The screaming you hear from heavy metal, death metal, metal core, and death core to name a few is something that started in opera. Yep opera. It’s supposed to be an emotional connection of sorts and it allows some to release anger very safely. It requires skill to do as I have been practicing that sound. Its very difficult and it requires a strong diaphragm to do properly. Unlike most rap artists who really only know how to talk. Like the failed English. Metal singers also have amazing voices when they sing. They practice. Lead Singer of Metallica took classes to get it right. Next the instruments. Guitar base and drums. All require good timing and hand eye coordination not to mention a decent amount of music theory knowledge. Chords seem easy. Try learning over a hundred of them. Now try doing those chords on a guitar. Notice how on your first try you have to position your fingers just right to get the perfect sound. It takes practice and talent to play any stringed instruments. And at the beat metal artists are at it takes lots of both. Drums. Most people can’t move all four limbs independently. That’s a fact. Try it. You will fail first time. Also takes talent and energy. Lots of it. Next lyrics.

Now this is were I get angry. I fucking hate it when somebody tells me that all metal is about worshipping Satan or some shit. Fucking hate that ignorant bull shit. You are going to judge me over my taste in music?? Really dude?? Let me tell you something. First off lyrics in metal tend to be grammaticaly correct and they tend to hold beat. Metal artist talk about anything and everything. Usually life and the such. Just because you don’t like a genre of music it doesn’t make it the devil. Fuck you. Here is an example of a metal song. Rose of sharyn by killswitch engage.

And broken.
Here I stand alone.
Wondering what were.
The first words I said to you.
That I will find a way to turn back time.

Doesn’t sound satanic to me. Now onto mainstream music. Rap and pop.

Synthesizers and sex. You now have lady GaGa. That’s all I have on that. Fuck you.

Now let’s talk the religious side of it. First off keep our music out of your religion. I am not Muslim so your rules do not apply to me. Christians, first off I am one. Second off read the book Psalms before you start judging me for taste in music. Third do what the Bible says. Don’t judge. I hate it when some Bible thumper tells me I’m in the wrong and going to hell for listening to For Today. Religious dogma has no hold over me as it does you. As a true Christian I don’t try to brainwash others into fear. That’s not what its all about and using my taste in music as your way of instilling fear is pathetic and childish.

Quit trying to spout off your opinion like its fact. Truth is all you are is making an enemy out of decent people. Metal heads are decent people. We don’t care for swag. We don’t care to look cool. And we sure as fuck do not live every day to please you. Your opinion is irrelevant to us. We will not down your music publicly because we don’t care. It’s your life. It’s your opinion. It’s none of our business. It’s all just music. If you don’t like it don’t listen to it. That’s all I have on this.