Jacob Cross Commando 1.

Chapter three chasing criminals
“A deamon was spotted in new York recently, lieutenant,” Gyiulen said to cross in the briefing room as soon as Niqy Yrdelli and stryker left the room.
“Do we know who?” Cross asked.
“Diazide Alghazor,” Gyiulen said. Aks slammed his fist into the table.
“Alghazor,” he muttered quietly. “I can’t hunt him today. My tribe needs me.”  Gyiulen nodded.
“Very well. Go to your tribe Aks,” Gyiulen said. He then turned to Cross.
“Now about alghazor,” he started. “Seems he is going to start collecting in China town. Also your vigilante is going to be there.”
“The kid. Alghazor will go after him,” cross said.
“But why is the kid going to be there?” Cross asked.
“Mafia activity,” Gyiulen answered. Cross shook his head with his hand on his face.
“Well atleast we might be able to recruit the kid,” he said. “I’m going to have a small force with me when we corner the deamon. If we can. Alghazor is a skilled and deadly target. What about general Williams?”
“Ah yes Williams. I can have Xee and Esh investigate him,” Gyiulen said.
“Very well. I will be on my way then,” cross said. He walked out leaving Gyiulen on his own inside the briefing room. He walked down the hallway down the stair way into the gate room. There was blood on the floor.
“What the hell?” Cross said seeing it all.
“My apologies, lieutenant. Possessed Trygons,” said one of the valkerie monitor watchers.
“Does Gyiulen know?” Cross asked.
“Yes sir,” he said.
“Very well. Set coordinates for New York,” Cross said. A few beeps as the man typed into his monitor sounded throughout the room and the gate fluxes a little as it found it’s new location.
“Coordinates set. Connection optimal. You’re good to go sir,” said the man. Cross nodded and stepped through.
Once on the other side a man wearing an army uniform stood there.
“Good afternoon sir,” he said.
“Hey. Let colonel Smith know that I have been ordered by colonel Gyiulen to get together a squad and chase down a priority target,” Cross said.
“Yes sir,” said the soldier as he tapped on the tablet in his hand.
“Room Charlie twelve. There will be personell awaiting your orders sir,” he said. Cross nodded and left down the hall way leading to an elevator. Once the elevator took him up and he walked into room C12 there were several people wearing different uniforms standing in ranks. One of them handed him a piece of paper listing all the personnel and there jobs. There were twelve people in all.
“Lieutenant Thomas?” Cross said looking up into the crowd. A man wearing a navy blue uniform stepped up. He had a seal pin on his left chest. His eyes were a dark blue color. He wore a digital blue hat over his bald head. He had a very athletic yet muscular build showing the training he had endured.
“You are second in command,” cross said.
“Aye sir,” Thomas said.
“The rest of you all will listen to him and follow his commands. There is a deamon lose in the city collecting surrogates. Its optimal to catch him alive but kill when necessary. Also the vigilante hero of New York will be around. Do not kill him what ever you do. We move out at 2200. Get your shit together and prepare.”
It was dark out. The allies were empty. Occasionally a homeless man would scatter away as the twelve man team moved through the city.
Cross noticed a fast moving shadow to the left. Then it moved to the right. It stopped infront of them wings out fire in each hand.
“These will make fine surrogates,” he said.
“Fire at will!” Cross shouted. Gunfire erupted as each man found a spot for cover. The deamon whom was no doubt Diazide Alghazor threw balls of fire at the platoon. He flew off laughing.
“Crazy mother fucker,” cross muttered.
“Sir shall we pursue?” Thomas asked. Cross nodded.
“Split up and cover as much area as you can. Two man teams. Thomas you are with me,” cross ordered. The team scattered in search of the deamon. Cross had a small machine gun in each hand. Pointed in different directions. Thomas was behind him a knife in one hand pointed outward over his pistol. He looked back every few seconds covering the back. Cross concentrated hard on the air sensing the life forms around him. He looked around and sensed two souls. One not entirely human and one completely deamon. He sensed high tension between the two.
“All personnel make your way to the alleyway outside 58th and Carter!” Cross shouted into his mouthpiece. He ran in the direction of the souls.
Once all the soldiers got there what they saw was really strange. Cross knew that for any non deamon to fight off possession took hard training. And the kid they saw was fighting off the creature like he was a deamon. Alghazor stood struggling with this one.
“Now I see what you are,” alghazor said as he released his hold and flew off. The hooded kid fell to the ground. The kid then got up and looked around. Cross shined his light off his gun at the kid.
“I need you to come with us,” cross shouted. It was no doubt the vigilante hero of new York. As he was walking towards cross both hands out he looked around.
“We aren’t the police if that’s what you are worried about,” cross said.
“How do I know your not lying?” Said the kid.
“You stopped a very powerful sex trafficking operation by yourself two years ago,” cross started. “I’ve seen you slip cash into the hands of the homeless when you have it. We have been watching you. If you come with us I can promise you a soft bed and a warm meal. A beer if you are so inclined. Just one day. Come with us and we can offer you a position amongst our ranks. You have a drive for what you fight for. What do you say?”
The kid looked around. Then he looked down. The mask he was wearing hid his thoughts.
“Alright. Lead the way,” he said.
The deamon got away. But cross knew he accomplished something. He got the kid that saved people in new York on a daily basis. Maybe the kid will take this proposition knowing that he will have an opportunity to save more people from more then just new York. Maybe.


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