Whiskey Tango Foxtrot humanity??

For those of you who didn’t quite get its another way of saying “what the fuck?” You know what really gets me? Fucking extremists. Extremist racist. Extremist feminist. Extremists fucking athiest. Extremist Democrat. These people put themselves in a group and fucking run wild like a crazed lion starved for days. If you haven’t realized it yet it pisses me off. I mean holy shit people! What? I can’t get a job without some crazy bitch telling me she should have got it because she is a woman? Did it occur to you that maybe you dont qualify for the job for oh I dont know lack of training? That’s not equality. That’s man hating. Or how about this whole police brutality phase we as a country we are going through? Sparked racism out the ass. I’m surprised fucking Neo Nazis aren’t marching through the streets singing “praise Hitler the nigger is dead.” And of course you run through the internet and we care more about the color of a dress more the Veterans living on the streets because we as Americans abandoned them. It doesn’t fucking stop there I’m barely scratching the surface of this fucking horse shit. Between the fear of ISIS coming over and blowing the hell out of us in the name of there fraud Allah and the whole totalitarian death scare we are giving ourselves not mention assholes on the internet are arguing over stupid shit. Does God exist or not. We aren’t going to come to a goddamn conclusion over that. Oh I know lets blame Obama. Well to be honest I feel like Barack Obama himself is a fraudulent bitch. But he is only a fraction of the issue. We are the rest of it. Humanity well fucking kill itself over its selfish horse shit. World hunger is a huge problem yet we have these fat fucks gobbling a dozen McDonald’s hamburgers a meal. We have a huge poverty problem yet the very celebrities you worship make millions. Our people are starving while Congress is voting to get a fucking raise like America is a corporation. Yet as Americans we do nothing about. What the fuck people?? To deep into Facebook to look around and see the self destruction around you? Or are you afraid to thrown in some horse shit fema death camp? News flash they dont exist. While all you dumb stupid ass mother fuckers are arguing over who is better or whether or not homosexual marriage should or should not be legal understand your fucking problems will not be fixed as we continue to decline further into chaos. We are our own doom. That’s a fact ladies and gentleman. Ive said my piece. If you have something to say there is a comments section. Use it.


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