Niqy Fisiqeri valkerie dragon knight 1.

Odin, the great kingdom of Valhalla with its tall castle and massive city surrounding it. Air cabs moving back and forth crowding the skies as odonite civilians were going back and forth early morning to work.
A lone warrior dressed in mechanical armor forming around here figure white feathered wings folded on here back and white flowing hair almost glowing and bright green eyes. She had a duel tipped spear strapped to her back. She was perched on one of the tall towers of the castle looking out at the city. Nothing out of the unusual. No Lokian or setite army marching to the walls which was good.
“Niqy. The king wishes to speak with you,” said a mans voice in her head piece.
“I will be there momentarily,” she answered jumping up and flying down to the courtyard. She landed and continued walking towards the throne room. Once inside the large room she kneeled and bowed her head.
“My Liege,” she said.
“On your feet lieutenant,” the king said. He was a large muscular old man with a great white beard almost glowing.
“You asked for me, my Liege?” She said standing up. The king nodded.
“I have the honor of promoting you to captain and giving you a new permanent duty. Colonel Gyiulen here will show you to your new command.” Niqy nodded. Gyiulen was a smaller man wearing a simple cloth over coat cloak with a hood putting a shadow over his face.
“Come with me commander,” he said walking with a sort of grace. Niqy followed him to a wall behind the throne. He touched in a few places and then walked through it as if it weren’t there. Niqy followed him reluctantly going through the wall following him into a small room. He turned around and touched the wall that they went through again and passed through it. Niqy followed through again and instead of the throne room was a long and wide hallway with doors on each side.
“This is the secret of Valhalla,” Gyiulen said starting to explain the situation. “This is how we deter threats from the outside. There is more then just Loki, Seti and the bandits. There are other worlds that work with us. We are known as The Gate Watch. Come, there are a few people I want you to meet.” They walked into one room with a table and a group of people standing around it but they all were different one was a man with short black black hair wearing some sort of dark glass windows on his eyes. He was also wearing a soft clothing with a piece of armor covering his chest. He had something on his leg with a handle. It was metallic and it shimmered. It looked like the shape of a pistol but not like any Niqy has seen. Another man standing there were full plate metal armor with a giant sword on his back his hair was a light blue in color and his ears pointed up ending above his head. Next was a short green creature not like any she had seen before it had a large mouth with little sharp teeth protruding out in places. Its ears were little and pointy. Its hands only had three fingers but they were large it was wearing a vest and shirt with simple pants. It was dark green. Next was a large wolf man looking creature. Standing on its hind legs wearing a piece of armor over its chest and a giants battle axe on its back. It had grey fur and piercing eyes. Next to him was a woman with blue skin and bat wings. She was wearing a chain shirt and shorts with metal greaves going up here legs. She had a metal helmet on the table in front of her on top of a circular metal shield and a small sword on her hip.
“These people here are your equals,” Gyiulen said walking in. “The man with the dark hair is lieutenant Cross. Next to him the follow in the armor is commander stryker. Next to him the small one is head Sargent Trugi. The man covered on fur is Aks. And the woman is Chief Yrdelli. As you can see none of them are valkerie. There are other worlds out there Captain. Here we all keep each other on check. We protect all peoples here. I have to apologize. The only reason you are here is because the valkerie before you went missing.”
A large screen came up behind stryker. A picture of an older man sporting a beard wearing a hood and heavy plate green armor came up. His wings looked tattered. Old. Used in battle.
“This is commander Zodiak,” cross started. Last seen the city of Ra. This is the only visual footage we could retrieve. Odinite and Zeutian scouts working with the Ranite guards have reported seeing him talking with a group of Wyverns in the city.”
“Wyverns? I thought that group was harmless,” Niqy said.
“These vile people by themselves are no threat. But as other groups with similiar conquests in mind band together it’s a massive war waiting to happen,” Aks said.
“Loki and Seti are involved?” Niqy asked.
“That’s what makes this a dangerous situation,” Yrdelli answered. “I believe they hope to find a way to connect with our other worlds and Zodiak is the best person they have. There are more races more worlds and we have a duty to protect them.” A small buzzing sound was ringing in the room.
“Aye that’s my time,” said Trugi as he leapt and walked towards the door.”Best not keep shaman Iglik waiting.”
“Very well,” Gyiulen said. “Yrdelli, stryker. Show Niqy to the gate. I have an assignment for you in Allahyde. In the province of Xande there is a large group of pirates taking ports and sky ports stopping all travel between Xande and other provinces.”
“Does minister Yriul know?” Stryker asked. Gyiulen nodded his head.
“Well I guess you get to go out of world on your first assignment,” Yrdelli said. Stryker Yrdelli and Niqy left the room and continued down the hallway towards the staircase at the end. They went down the staircase to a large room with a large glowing portal in it. The portal was bordered by a technological casing with wires connecting to it. Around the room were holographic monitors and people at these monitors watching them.
“We need to get to Dellou in Allahyde,” stryker said.
“Yes sir entering coordinates now,” said one of the men at the moniters. The minuter then flashed.
“Wait a second…. sir there is a problem,” said the man. The portal flashed.
“We have incoming transport! Five life signs! None I recognize!” Yrdelli drew her sword readied her shield.
“Shit,” she muttered. Stryker drew his giant sword and readied himself. Niqy followed suit drawing her duel bladed sword. A group of large fired beasts brandishing large weapons with a red glow in there eyes appeared coming in through the gate charged at the trio. Niqy squared down her weapon behind her back waited patiently for an enemy to charge her. She saw one charging straight for her a giant hammer over his head ready to strike down. Niqy spun out of the way slicing apart the creature one cut to the front and two to the back taking it down. She looked again and sliced up at another one cutting open its middle. Yrdelli and stryker took down the three as easy as Niqy took down two. Niqy noticed a wisp of steam escaping the snout of the creatures.
“Trygons. They were possessed,” Yrdelli said.
“Damn. Not Jayrune,” stryker muttered. Stryker pointed at one of monitor watchers.
“You. Inform colonel Gyiulen,” stryker said.
“Already on it sir,” he said typing on his monitor.
“The connection is reestablished. Charging wormhole status,” said another. “We are good to go.”
Stryker nodded and headed through the gate with Yrdelli. Niqy followed behind. Once she entered the blue light she felt herself falling at incredible speeds uncontrollably going Down a windy path way. Then she felt her self get flung into another room. Instinctively she flipped forward and landed on her feet. She looked around and noticed the walls were made of stone and there were torches with blue flames lighting up the area. A woman with long bright green hair and long ears stood elegantly with stryker bowing in front of her.
“Welcome back, commander,” she said.


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