Atheism vs theism.

Let’s be honest people this is a really touchy subject and quite frankly people get pissed off over it. Let’s think about this for a second. First realize atheism and theism are both terms separate from religion. Some religions don’t have a God or gods. Good we got that out of the way. Now the biggest question and the most unanswered is this. Is there proof a God does or doesn’t exist. Now lets go ahead and talk about how proof or evidence works. The burden of proof falls on the one how makes the assertion that a God or gods doesn’t exist. Lets take this for example. John believed his whole life a God exists. Than Jack comes along and the have a long conversation. During the conversation Jack comes out and tells John that there is no such thing as God. Now before any of you hardcore zealous atheists start getting upset and say “we don’t do that! We never just come out and say that!” First yes you do. Especially on this here contraption we call the internet. Look around there are articles blogs hell even Facebook has atheists that do that. Anyway back to John and Jack. Jack just told John something that John thinks is not true. So John says “prove to me that a God does not exist.” Remember Jack made the statement first. John didn’t ask for Jack’s opinion. In the real world Jack would repeat the statement that it’s up to john to prove him wrong. But how the scientific community works is its up to the one making the assertion to prove he is right. Now that’s something to talk about. Science. How does it all work. Well science is a simple word that means to study things. We use science to study how nature works. Then we use what we learn and apply it to life be it good or evil. Now I’m not a scientist but I have read enough stuff to understand a little bit of how it all works. First there are preset laws that were found in nature. Think of gravity. We all know gravity is there. We jump off the ground a second later we are back on the ground. But why? How about DNA? What exactly is DNA? Well from my understanding DNA is a nice little blue print that maps out who you are what you look like what diseases you are most prone to. Why do planets revolve around suns? Why do moons revolve around planets? Gravity? Then from we understand about gravity shouldn’t the planets fall into the sun then? Ah but wait. Not only are we falling down but we are falling to the left or right. So thanks to that we miss the sun every year we fall. But why? Earth moves a thousand or so miles to the sun we burn. The other direction we freeze. See there I made an assertion and went to prove my point. Now I am waiting for someone to tell me that I am wrong? Am I? Some flat earther might try. But even you the ration person reading this is going “well duh. This is high-school astronomy.” No then what about this whole God thing? Can you prove to me he does or doesn’t exist? Who’s job is to provide the evidence?

Now its time to get into something painful. Oh yes very painful. The theist says if you dont believe in God than you are screwed. I’m going to go ahead and use Christianity as the example and from what I understand of it. Christianity says those that believe Jesus Christ died for your sins and all you have to do is accept that you screw up. A lot. And Jesus went through a very painful and ugly execution to give you a free ride to heaven. If you dont accept that free ride you go to hell. Or if you don’t you die the second death. Your soul gets completely destroyed and you cease to exist as a person. That’s Christianity according to the new testament of the Bible. Now you have what I like to call atheism according to logic and education. Believe it or not some of these guys are so zealous about there atheism its a religion. The use “science” as there Bible so to speak. They believe that you die your done. That’s it. No God no salvation just well dead. Ain’t that just cheery? Kinda sounds like the hell side of Christianity. Now what do you notice here? Opinions. Mind. Blown. This whole atheism vs theism thing going on is pretty comparable to Democrats vs Republicans. Now I’m going to go ahead and say this. In the argument between theists and atheists first get up off your ass and go outside. I would imagine if you all had the time to argue with each other over your opinions then I would imagine if you all would just shut up and look around you would notice there are bigger problems then the God opinion. Have you seen the Unemployment rate in the U.S.? How about the fact that there aren’t enough cures for diseases? There are treatments out the ass for cancer AIDS and any other disease or health issue. Maybe we should all get off gods back and fix ourselves as a human race. Now I know for a fact you will not listen to me because you are selfish. And would rather deal with the God opinion then the starving child down the street because his mother is too busy doing heroine. And to you. Well fuck you.


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