Jace Gilliani Deamon Warrior 1.

New York city. A fucking disease infected jungle of steel and concrete. Scum in all shapes and sizes seem to gather here for the purpose of making money, infamy, or both. Wallstreet financial backstabbers, loan sharks, psychos, gangs. It doesn’t matter. All these fuckers were the same to Jace Gilliani. Orphaned at a young age when his mother was brutally murdered eight years after his father disappeared. The killer or killers were never caught. There were no leads for the case either. Looking back at the old reports he swiped from the precinct the autopsy was inconclusive. Cause of death was a hole through the chest burned through like a fire ball had entered and exited. No murder weapon like that ever existed.  Doesn’t matter now. All he knew was that any threat in the world had to be eradicated. Dirty cops Mafia, bloods, Neo Nazis, even radical ISIS members. Its not like the government is doing anything about it. And all the civilians are too busy getting involved in the new “thing” that the media was shoving down the populations throat.
Jace was known as the “hero vigilante” or some shit. Stupid name given to him by the media. Cops were always looking for him because even though he saved there fucking asses from ISIS and nazi execution. Not too mention he completely disbanded an entire global sex trafficking operation. But it never stopped jace from continuing the acts.
It was mid March the trees in central park were starting to turn pink as the flowers were blooming. Jace was smoking a cigarette occasionally brushing his hand through his jet black hair. He wore sunglasses covering his red eyes. He put his hand on his lower back checking to make sure his m9 was still there. It was. The cold metal of the gun comforted him. He turned his head to the left looking around. Something caught his attention.
“Damn Chinese missed there fucking payment,” said a man’s voice. Jace recognized it. It was Joey tragor. One of the Mafias lieutenants.
“Yeah. The ones on 58th and Carter. I can do that. Set a fucking example for those that dont pay. Midnight? Got it boss.”
Jace left as soon as he heard the phone beep. 58th and Carter. Midnight. It was most likely going to be a hit and demo crew. Jace went to his den to get outfitted.
Standing outside of a shabby little convenience store wearing a face mask a black hoodie and dark black pants with steel toe combat boots. The light weight Kevlar underneath his hoodie pressed up against his body and the katana on his back had the blood of many now deceased bad guys. The pistol on his hip was loaded and ready to take down any mob members that were going to show up.
At midnight a car rolled up and six guys armed with Smgs wearing suits walked up to the building. Jace unsheathed his sword and waited on the left side of the building. He waited for the last Guy to be out side of the door. He ran up covered the mans mouth and sliced his throat dragging the now lifeless body to the right side of the building. He then walked into the side door and ducked behind the shelf. He was in the storage room. Two of the mob members were standing around waiting.
“The hell happened to Billy?” One of them asked.
“There is someone here. Bills dead,” answered a voice from inside the store. One man went inside the store jace took the open opportunity to take out one more guy. He shoved his katana into the back of the man and twisted it. He ripped it out and held it out pulling his pistol. He hid behind the wall waiting for the four others to walk in and see the bloody body on the floor. They did. Jace didn’t waste any time pumping a bullet into each of there heads as they stood around the body surprised and scared. Jace looted the bodies and scrounged up the cash they had. Which was a lot. A couple hundred each. Adding up to almost a thousand. Jace left the store leaving five hundred of the cash in the mail box outside the store. Jace didn’t get too far as a figure with giant bat like wings and horns jumped in front of him. Jace pulled his sword and his pistol.
“Your soul is mine,” it said in a demonic voice.
“Fuck off,” jace said firing off with his pistol. The creature jumped up diving down at jace as it rammed  him jace lost consciousness.***********************
He woke up floating in what looked like a dream like cloudy environment. Jace looked around and and saw nothing but fog.
“Now that I have your attention,” said the demonic voice of the creature that took jace down.
“Okay what the fuck?” Jace said as he flipped around looking for it.
“Welcome to your soul. If you hand it over you live. If not I will take it and your life,” it said as it materialized in front of him. It was red with reptilian skin wearing a suit of armor its eyes wear black and its figure was that of a body builder.
“Your a new type of shit bag,” jace said as he clenched his fists ready to take it on. Jace felt gravity pull and he dropped landing on his feet on an invisible floor. A surge of power went through his arms glowing.
“A human? With magical powers?” Asked the creature.
“I’m going to keep my fucking soul,” jace said as he ran towards the creature, diving at him. He knocked him down pounding the creature continually until he lay unconscious. Or so jace thought. The creatures eyes opened up and kicked have back. Jace flipped backwards and landed on his feet. He put out his arms and a large whispy ball of light shot out and slammed into the creature knocking him back. It stood up limping with an angry look on its face.
“Now I see what you are,” it said as it disappeared.
Jace woke up laying on the ground. He shook his head and assumed someone knocked him out and it was all I dream. His katana and pistol were on the ground not been touched. He checked his wallet as he stood up. The money was still there. Strange, he thought. He bolstered his gun and sheathed his sword. The second after wards a bright shone.
“I need you to come with us,” said a loud voice. Jace looked around and saw that he was surrounded.
“Well shit,” he said as he put his hands up walking towards the voice.


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