Gate watch summery

Gate watch is a series of stories of dozens of characters. All these stories are connected and the fates of these people are connected. It is my own universe I have created and continue to expand on it. There is a nice mix of science fiction and fantasy. That being said none of the ideas or situations are going to be applied to the real world. I am using real world ideas and applying them. Enjoy please if you are willing to read. This is a hobby of mine and I will keep at it whether there is approval or not. I do not approval and here opinions won’t matter if there is no reasoning behind that opinion. That being said I’m relaunching my series. Rewriting it only because the last idea from my point of view was going down hill. If anyone has questions or comments there is the Comment section as there is also my personal email my Facebook Cory Beamer Kenyon and my instagram strykerx12.


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