Personal guidelines.

They say a man is manly when he goes and parties. Men aren’t supposed to look for a long lasting relationship. A manly man is a man that has banged eight or more women. That’s bullshit. That man is a whore. No. My guidelines will follow absolute truths and defy the unwritten rules of society.
I am a 21 year old dating a 17 year old girl. At first you are thinking “that’s illegal” well in Missouri which is were I live 17 is the age of consent. I find myself lucky because 1. She is a virgin. 2. Her father knows about it and has no problem with me. She is my sisters best friend. And yes she knows as well. I made sure to let her know I was interested in this girl. For this part a guideline for all people don’t please the people around you. Follow your heart. It works out in the end.
If you have to lie to her you are ashamed of something. Don’t lie to her. Build trust. Don’t be to quick to have sex. (Unless sex started the relationship and in that case you have to make extra sure you know what your doing. A fire that Burns quick dies quick.) In my situation I am maintaining this spark. One thing to remember. She is her own person. You can’t make her do anything. She said yes to you. But that only means she likes you. That also doesn’t mean It can’t go the other way around. Because the man is his own person to. “What if he or she cheats on me?” Dump there ass. Especially if its been less then a month. No one needs that shit. Save yourself the emotional rollar coaster and end it.
Its hard to tell the difference between lust and love. “I love you” can be a disguise for “I only want your dick or pussy” do research on your self. If that person can make you something other then horny you’re doing something correct. If they are young check the age of consent laws for your area. Obviously thirteen is a bit steep and borderline pedo. Unless you live in Mexico city. The age of consent is twelve. (Seriously people? What the fuck? Who would think its okay for your twelve year old to have sex with a forty year old?) If you feel you can’t help yourself distance your self from him or her until she is old enough. Chances are you found someone else who is more legal anyway. Don’t rush into things and don’t obsess over that person. What I did to get over myself was to tell the girl I had feelings for her. A month later this chick is sitting in my lap making out with me. Keep that person and yourself safe. In other words don’t try to sneak around. (Although I like to pretend because quite frankly shit turns me on.)  Keep your emotions in check. Pay attention to there emotions. Learn them. Body language. Facial expressions. Actions. That is eighty percent of the person you are learning to know. Don’t let what someone else say bother you. That someone else is only pissed you have something they don’t. If you are a gay person. (Just to clarify my beliefs disagree with that choice but who am I to judge?) It could be a problem for the people around you that like to judge your choices because some people are self righteous pricks that think they have it all together. Make sure your homosexual tendencies are love and not lust. In my opinion if your not hurting yourself or your partner in the relationship then you are good to go.
On one more note. Don’t fondle each other in public. Some kids shouldn’t see that shit. Doesn’t matter who you are. Keep your sexual activities behind closed doors. Unless you are a porn star and record your sex life. But that’s a totally different case.


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