What I think about what a dissidia 3 would be like

Okay. This is my take and not just characters. (That’s all most people seemed to only worry about and these people want some seriously out of story or out of franchise characters. Seriously sora fucking sucks dick.) Also some of this is what I want not what I expect.
1. Characters.
This is a list of all the most likely characters from each game.
Cosmos: WoL and a female red Mage simply named Red
Chaos: Garland and Astos (he is the asshole dark elf that put prince elf guy in a fucking coma. Dick.)
Cosmos:firion and Maria (a magic user with bow and arrow skill. Plus she wears next to nothing and could be extremely hot. Yum.
Chaos: the emperor and Leon. (As an underling that could switch sides towards the end of the game when Maria finally convinces him. Eh?)
Cosmos: O. Knight and luneth. (A free lancer character that can have the same type of system as lightning for a class change. Why not. Maybe his ex mode could be an upgraded power of that?)
Chaos: cloud of darkness and xande. (The real bad guy. Duh.)
Cosmos. Paladin Cecil Kain and maybe Rosa or rydia. ( white Mage character with a bow for attack or another summoner with black magic arsenal)
Chaos: Golbez dark Knight Cecil (see what I did there?) And zemus. (Split Cecil up to show that he has a duel personality constantly battling himself.)
Cosmos:Bartz and lenna or galuf.
Chaos:exdeath Gilgamesh (he could switch sides for all I care he goes back forth throughout the series.)
Cosmos: terra And Locke or Sabin or Edgar or celes (I say “or” because I could go with any one of those)
Chaos: kefka shadow (maybe a neutral if the want a few characters to do that.) And maybe emperor gesthal. (Not that he is actually useful but he is important. I could go without him.)
Cosmos cloud tifa aerith and maybe Vincent.(he was an optional character. Treat him the same here?)
Chaos: sephiroth and Rufus maybe the Turks. (Don’t actually care for the Turks plus the switch sides sometimes. They could too.)
Cosmos: squall Laguna and rinks and maybe zell or quistis. (Fighting games have all kinds of extra characters with the only role to fill up space.)
Chaos: ultimecia seifer and maybe edea (she could switch sides)
Cosmos: Zidane vivi garnet and maybe Steiner. (Steiner was fucking hilarious)
Chaos: Kuja and Beatrix. (She could also switch sides)
Cosmos: Tidus yuna and auron
chaos: jecht Seymour and maybe yunalesca (she was a bitch to kill constant zombie and instant death I fucking hated her)
to be honest I think an mmo entry into a numbered series is retarded so I am not listing shit.
Cosmos: vaan Ashe and bacsh
Chaos: vayne and gabranth
Cosmos: lightning hope snow fang vanille or sazh. (You could add any of them really they were all equally important. I would be fine with only one addition really.)
Chaos. Dysley.
Again mmo.
Cosmos: Noctis (I don’t know much about this entry other then the main characters name so I ain’t getting much here.)
Chaos: whom ever is the asshole that wants to be a villain.

2. Gameplay

Alright so lets start with this. Gameplay should be similar to previous games. Bravery attacks and HP attacks. But I also would like to see an up to three on three battle system. A party system. That would be fun. Have each character be able to support and attack. Lets say you can lock on to an ally to switch to support mode be it healing buffing or protecting.
Like protect can half all bravery damage from physical attacks or healing can give an ally HP back. To keep it from being a battle that is for ever ongoing add an MP pool that slowly regenerates over time during battle. Makes up for strategy. I like it. For offline battles you can set your allies “gambits” or strategy. For example press directional up for offensive and directional down for defensive. And direction left for balanced or maintenance. Done. Some attacks could do area affect and others can do single target. Have a “friendly fire” rule that can be turned on and off. Assists can stay. Hell maybe do an assist switch. In other words you can change characters in battle with assist. Why not? Of course once all three players on one team is down its a battle over. Sounds good to me.
3. Customization
First lets touch on costumes. I like having alternate costumes but let’s go on step further. An extra slot for each character so you can freely customize their looks. Want to make sephiroth dress up in a black laves suit go ahead. You could put cloud in full clad armor similar to the judges in FF12. You can make tidus look even more like a douche if you wanted too. Including weapons. Some of you might ask “what about ex mode looks?” Simple each piece has an ex mode look attached to them. So if you were to dress up WoL in zidanes clothes he would have pink fur during ex mode. I know crazy but its up to the player anyway. Weapons can even be used as customizable pieces. Want to see cloud use his nail bat? Go for it.
Now for skills customizables. Too different sets. Offensive and supportive. Locking on to an enemy will allow you use of your offensive set up.
Locking on to an ally allows you to use your supportive. Done. Leveling up should stay the same. Equipment is nice. Add more items. Done.

4. Online gameplay
Allow for free battle pick a character or three and battle an online opponent.
Free battle party mode.
Pick a character and join a fray of five other people.
Eh why not?
That’s all I have on that. Could be fun.

Some of the things I want to see.
Soldier characters for both cosmos and chaos for an actual war. Make the soldier characters playable so they aren’t neglected. Simple.
Like I said before a customizable skin for each character and maybe your own created character. Boss fights against large creatures. Kraken or calcabrina hell maybe tiamat or bahamut.
Add summon characters as playables. Odin Shiva ifrit bahamut anyone? Diablos would be cool. Add a basic battle field the plains battle field In the over world for a battle of just player skill. Awesome graphics. I want to look at Maria’s body with lust. Most of this is a little what I expect and alot of what I want. That’s how feel any way.


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