A lecture on race.

Race. A word to describe someones looks or skin color. Sometimes even used to describe personality. Example. “You are too white to dance” or “you are too black too listen to heavy metal”. People associate race to actions made by people. I white person can be “black” because they have a certain way of acting or walking. People use race for stereotypes. Why? Here is the reality. Skin color is the same as eye or hair color. Interracial relationships are still a huge debate these days. Why? Biology doesn’t seem to care about that. An Oriental woman can still have a kid with a Hispanic man. And the kid will not have any genetic problems whatsoever. When the say its the inside that matters they are talking about the person as a person. Not the innards of that persons body. Ignorance is the cause to this disease called racism. Ignorance based solely off of the lack to learn. Because opinions are more important than education. Opinions causes hate. Because some people believe that their opinion is entitled to be known as fact without testing it first. Skin color doesn’t matter. Skin color is an identifying mark on an id card. That’s it’s. End of discussion.


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